Hi Steve. I came to see you in October about my panic attacks and fear of flying. You told me to e mail you and let you know how i have got on. I know it has been a while but I wanted to make sure that the panic attacks really had gone first. Anyway first of all I want to say thank you so much my life is now a thousand times better. I think that what you did was amazing and i am so happy that i came to see you. Since I have seen you I hardly think about having a panic attack which I used to do all the time before which means that I have had time to focus on more important things. I am doing well at university and I'm in the middle of my last semester and although i am under a lot of pressure i have not had a panic attack and I do not have to worry about having one! I feel so much more free and relaxed and it is all thanks to you I can't explain how grateful I am. I have also recommended some people to you and they actually do have money - unlike me! So I hope that helps you out a bit in return. Hope everything is going well for you, thank you again.                     
                                                                KG (Winchester)

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Fear of Flying Phobia
A fear of flying can be very limiting in the modern world, with trips by plane needed for business, holidays, family visits, work more and more.

For an absolute flying phobic, getting on an aeroplane is just out of the question. Even a moderate fear of flying can be extremely distressing. Generally, the stronger the fear, the more likely booking a flight, but refusing to get on the plane becomes. That is, arriving there ready to go, but with such strong anxiety that getting on board is impossible.

For the fearful, even short trips can be unpleasant and difficult journeys that end with lots of relief....until the anticipation of the return journey.... Often drugs and alcohol are used to suppress the fear and anxiety.

Most clients say afterwards how surprised they were to not feel any concern at all, even checking numerous times for the old familiar fear. One individual said:

"Surprisingly, I quite enjoyed the flight over. And then found myself actually looking forward to the flight back!" 

Another unnecessary phobia that is easy to remove, and enjoyable to confirm.

Hi Steve, All is well here and still feeling great, thanks to you.

The holiday went well and I got engaged!!!!!!                                          
                                                                LT (Southampton)

Hi Steve. Thank you for your time on Monday - I did find the session useful.

In fact, I decided to book a holiday after I saw you.

Thanks again, it was good to meet you. Take care.                
MM (Brighton)

"Hypnosis - the cure for phobias"
A personal account of overcoming fear of flying
Milly & Olly's Blog
(January 2012)

I came to Steve in summer 2015 with a very debilitating anxiety problem. I suffered frequent panic attacks, general anxiety every day and it really ruined my life for a very long time. I did seek some therapy, namely holistic, but it did not work for me. I thought about hypnotherapy and with that came the typical stereotypes that are fed to us through T.V. and movies. I chose to just try hypnotherapy and that's how I came across Steve.
Steve is such an amazing person and made me feel so comfortable. He made me feel very relaxed and at ease to talk to him about my fears and anxieties, even on my initial call with him, I felt positive that change could happen. For anyone that suffers anxiety, I can honestly say that I know how you feel it is such a horrid feeling and I wouldn't want anyone to go through those feelings of; unhappiness, depression, sadness, feeling as if the world is against you, feeling as if you cannot enjoy life, feeling ungrateful because of that and the general sickness that comes with anxiety and panic attacks.

Steve genuinely changed my life forever! I do not get panic attacks anymore, I haven't had one since I saw him in 2015.

(My generalised anxiety has completely gone even after one session I felt so much better! He teaches you techniques that you can use and keep for life to help  you when the going gets tough! He listens and makes you feel like you're the only client he has!

In 2016 July I came back to Steve with my crippling fear of flying (I couldn't even look at a plane without feeling sick and hadn't been on one since 2010. Steve’s first question was do me: “if (hypothetically) I were to offer you a million pounds would you get on a plane”, to which I replied: “absolutely not”!! I must admit, even though Steve helped me change my life already I was a bit sceptical about whether or not he could get me on a plane! I couldn't even watch movies that involved planes (that’s how bad it was). I had a few sessions with Steve and I took my first flight in 6 years to Sardinia and it was the best flight I have ever had and I even enjoyed it!!! On the way back I also enjoyed the plane journey even though there was turbulence,I was well equipped to handle. I can even go as far as to say I quiet enjoyed the turbulence.. I can now travel the world with my fiancée and to anyone who has a crippling fear of flying or any phobia, Steve can really help you!
Steve, from the bottom of my heart and from my family, thank you for changing my life for the better and making my families life easier.  You have opened my eyes and made me feel so hopeful for the future and now I actually look forward to the future, I feel free, confident, and feel like the big weight that was on my chest has gone, which would not have been possible if it wasn't for you. I can now travel the world anxiety free too and even if I did have a little anxiety every now and then I know how to handle it. A thousand thank you’s would not be enough, I am a changed woman.
P.S if the offer for the million pounds is still on the table, I would be more than happy to take it haha!
                                                      Sarah x (London)